For centuries, cultures around the world have celebrated aphrodisiac foods. Many of these, such as lilies which were used by the ancient Egyptians or cacao which was used by the Aztecs, psychologically put the user into an aroused state.

However, an equally important aspect to ‘gettin it on’ is good blood circulation and hormonal balance. Since these two aspects of the body are directly affected by diet we decided to take a look at which foods make or break your performance in the bedroom.

The Good

asparagus: high in potassium, vitamins b and c, and fiber avocado: tons of vitamin e basil: high in iron and magnesium. Relaxes muscles bell peppers: loaded with vitamin c blackberries: high in vitamin c and e cayenne: high in vitamin a and c. increases blood flow chard: high in vitamins k, a, and c garlic: natural blood thinner ginger: boosts immune system and blood flow oranges: high in vitamin c and bioflavonoids oats: reduce cholesterol and inflammation nuts: contain niacin and omega 3 fats watermelon: contains lycopene, which breaks down plaque

The Bad

alcohol: :( artificial sweeteners: lower serotonin cheese: affects estrogen and testosterone chocolate: lowers testosterone coffee: dehydrates and heightens anxiety fried foods: trans fats decrease libido and fertility licorice: contains phytoestrogens, which affect testosterone mint: lowers testosterone processed foods: ^^^ red meat: clogs arteries, restricts blood flow soy: affects hormonal levels. gmo soy also contains epicyte which lowers fertility