ROASTED: Do you have a specific food that triggers a certain memory? Canned Beanie Weenies. My grandma keeps them on deck at her house. She has been buying them for as long as I can remember and would always give me some with bread, margarine, and a glass of milk.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? I think it exists in different facets like diet, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. Also being conscious of what you buy and knowing the right type physical exercise that suits you personally.

Do you think you are healthy? I don't. The main problem I'm having is money and my skill set. I'm not very experienced in the kitchen and I need to shop as cheaply as possible, so that influences what I buy. I'm also really busy so eating is just something I have to do not anything that I put any real care or attention into.

Name your guilty pleasure food? Not a guilty pleasure, but I eat the shit out of peanut butter. In my family we eat peanut butter sandwiches with everything like ravioli and chili especially. I know its weird.

How do you think living healthy will change for you after college? I will hopefully be on a more consistent schedule. However, I did have an internship over the summer that was 9-5 and everyday I just wanted to come home and fall asleep. I'm hoping that was just an outlier though and I will have more time and energy.

What do you consider unhealthy about the way you eat? A lot of what I eat is processed since I buy a lot of quick meals from the grocery store. I also tend to eat pretty infrequently so when I do finally eat, I'm eating a ton at one time and it's usually not good food.

What is your favorite TV dinner? Okay they're not healthy but they are more expensive so that has to count for something. Have you heard of Amy's? They make a broccoli mac and cheese bowl. It's my favorite. If I have the money for Amy’s, I’m buying them.

What does your grocery list consist of? It never changes but I get: a loaf of white bread cans of tuna pita and hummus some canned chunky soups 3 TV dinners a pizza semi-healthy cereal like Kashi skim or 2% milk maybe granola bars