ROASTED: Do you have a specific food that triggers a certain memory? I love Columbian food because I grew up with it. There are these things called arepas that are literally just corn meal squished together and fried. In Columbian culture you eat it with every meal. So I associate them with visiting my family in Columbia.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? I think for me it includes healthy eating. Like your proteins, grains (but not too many), vegetables obviously, and exercise. I walk to class everyday, my car broke down, and meal plan when I can. Lately my schedule is so busy I’ve been eating out a lot, so I try to eat out as healthy as I can.

Do you think you are healthy? It is so on and off for me. It depends on the stress of school, work, and over-scheduling things. Generally speaking I think that I am but as of right now, I could do a lot better.

Name your guilty pleasure food? Okay, they're not healthy but they are more expensive so that has to count for something. Have you heard of Amy's? They make a broccoli mac and cheese bowl. It's my favorite. If I have the money for Amy’s, that’s what I’m buying.

How do you think living healthy will change for you after college? Well I have kind of developed good habits already so going back to that. Like having time to cook and plan meals and grocery shop sufficiently. Also exercise. I am so excited to be able to consistently go to the gym. Although being married does present obstacles with cooking, because we have different tastes in foods. He is getting better about eating vegetables though!

What do you consider unhealthy about the way you eat? Eating out constantly. When I have the time I do seek out healthy foods to cook and stuff. I have considered eating vegan, but I have this weird food allergy that causes the proteins in raw fruits to mimic pollen. So I can’t just buy apples and blueberries and eat them. It makes my tongue and throat itch. It started when I was 13 and moved down to North Carolina from up north. My body developed an intolerance to the pollen about a year after moving to North Carolina. However, the one bad habit I have with this is eating fresh guacamole. My mom makes it and it’s so good I just suffer through the itching, like I’ll die I don’t care, I love that guac!

What is your favorite foreign food? Empanadas! Another favorite from Columbia. My mom makes the best. I’ve put all my friends on them. I have this one friend who specifically asks when my mom is making them so she can come over. I’m like, “can you not?” My mom is more than her empanadas.