ROASTED: Do you have a specific food that triggers a certain memory? When I was younger, my family always used to eat steak whenever my sister and I got good grades. Success = Steak.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? A healthy lifestyle is being able to complete daily activities comfortably. Consistent exercise about 3 times a week minimum + a good diet is key.

Weirdest health food trend? Things become an issue when you tell yourself you can’t have anymore of something. Eventually you cave in and eat that thing. It is better to adopt a better lifestyle rather than follow a trend or diet fad.

Do you think you are healthy? In terms of exercise yes. My diet still needs improvement. I’m getting better though. I eat more fruit now and less sodium.

Name your guilty pleasure food? Ben and Jerry’s. The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream. I used to eat it like three times a week. Now I want some...

Do you think there is an unhealthy food culture around the fitness world? Yes. It seems like many fitness buffs eat solely for physical appearance rather than nutritional benefits. Like eating to gain muscle if it does happen to be healthy its extremely low fat.

Do you know much about plant based eating? Not really. I just saw a video about Jared Leto who has been a vegetarian for 20 years. He makes it seem doable. When you’re young you have this mindset that you are invincible and as long as your “skinny” you’re fine. As I’m getting older I’m realizing I’m going to have to eventually make a change in the way I eat.

How do you think your life would improve if you ate better? On the occasions when I eat well I tend to have more energy and feel sluggish when I do not. I also think my mood improves on a better diet because I look and feel better.